General jobs, self-assembly kits, etc

Are there odd jobs around your home that you just cannot find the time to complete? Half-finished or badly finished jobs can make your home look untidy and unloved. Even if your door bell is not working! Let MLD MultiServices help.

Picture Hanging

Revamp your home and office with pieces of art, photos or posters.

Telephone Extensions

We can help if you need an additional extension socket for your phone line.

Tv & HiFi Installation

MLD MultiServices can help you to set up your new Hi-Fi or TV and mount it securely on the wall. Or, if your flat-screen TV is on a TV/video cabinet, and you are worried that the kids or the cat will knock it over, MLD MultiServices can supply and fit a TV stabilising bracket.

Nut and Bolt suppliers

MLD MultiServices carry stock of new and used imperial-sized nut and bolt for replacement purposes (BA/BSF/BSW/UNC/UNF). Metric sizes are also offered.